Andrology and Reconstructive Surgery


Erectile dysfunction, Peyronie’s disease, premature ejaculation, subfertility, urinary incontinence, and urethral stenosis are pathologies that are not usually treated by generalist urologists.

At ROC Clinic, we have a team of experts who are recognised as leaders in the field by national and European institutions.

Our Andrology and Reconstructive Surgery Unit has all the diagnostic tools available on the market and participates actively in their innovation and development: RigiScan; Penile Echo-Doppler; Pelvic Arteriography and others.

andrologia y cirugia reconstrutiva
andrología y cirugía reconstructiva


The treatment and surgery of andrological and reconstructive diseases is so widespread that both the Spanish Ministry of Health and the European Union recognise centres and important figures in the field.

At ROC Clinic, our Andrology and Reconstructive Surgery team is a worldwide leader in: penile prosthesis, urinary sphincter, urethral stenosis, urinary fistulas, Peyronie’s disease, and complete reconstructions of the genital area.

If you would like to make an appointment for this speciality or for us to provide you with more information about any pathology, please contact us.

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