Lithiasic Pathology


Urinary lithiasis is one of the urological diseases that is increasingly prevalent in our midst.

When a patient develops it, the priority is to diagnose and free that person as quickly as possible from that pathology. Therefore, at ROC Clinic, we have a wide variety of diagnostic tests to study each case: urological ultrasound, intravenous urography, CT scan, stone analysis, among others.

Prevention of this pathology is extremely important, so at ROC Clinic we make experts in Nephrology and Nutrition available to our patients to prevent future and new occurrences of lithiasis.

patologia litiasica


The commitment of the ROC Clinic’s Lithiasis Unit is to free patients from their illness as soon as possible.

Therefore, specialists in urinary lithiasis are focused on the treatment of this pathology and equipped with all the technology and advances available on the market: Extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL); flexible and semi-rigid ureterorenoscopy; percutaneous kidney surgery; Holmium Laser (120W, 100W, 50W and 30W); and LithoClast.

At ROC Clinic, our philosophy is to give each patient the best treatment and not just the technology available.

If you would like to make an appointment for this speciality or for us to provide you with more information about any pathology, please contact us.

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