Uro-Oncology is the part of Urology dedicated to the study of tumours of the urinary system. The frequency with which this type of tumour appears is extremely high. That is why, at ROC Clinic, we have specialists in prostate, kidney, bladder, testicular and penile cancer, and a multidisciplinary team that periodically meets in oncology committees comprising: uro-pathologists, uro-radiologists, uro-onco-radiotherapists, uro-onco-specialists, uro-gynaecologists, uro-surgeons and other allies.

We have the expertise of the Clara Campal Comprehensive Cancer Centre (HM CIOCC) in which take part.


We have made available to our expert multidisciplinary team the most innovative and developed diagnostic and therapeutic tools.

In addition, we carry out extensive research in the field of oncology, participating in countless clinical trials, at an international level, which enables us to offer the most innovative treatments for each patient.

If you would like to make an appointment for this speciality or for us to provide you with more information about any pathology, please contact us.

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