When to make an appointment with a Urology specialist

As recommended by the European Association of Urology, the first visit to Urology is recommended from the age of 45. This is true as long as no diseases or symptoms affecting the male’s genital and urinary health have show up before.

At the age of 50, urological check-up becomes indispensable, since it is from this decade onwards that most of genito-urinary system issues appear. In this sense, the main reason for check-ups is the prostate either because of a benign pathology or because of the possible presence of a tumour.

Other reasons to go to the urologist

Regardless of age and beyond routine visits, there are a number of symptoms for which you should see a urologist:

  • Blood in urine. When urine is darker than usual, it can be a sign for infection, kidney problems, and even bladder cancer.

  • Itching or burning when urinating. Burning sensation when urinating or pain in the lower pelvis warns there may be a urinary infection.

  • Lower back pain.Acute low-back pain radiating to the lower abdomen can be a clear symptom of renal colic caused by lithiasis.

  • Penis abnormalities. When the curvature of the penis is very pronounced or there has been some type of trauma during an erection, it may be Peyronie’s disease.

  • Erection issues. Regardless of age, if an erection cannot be achieved at the desired time or if there are difficulties to achieve it, the potential causes must be consulted with the specialist, as there might be cardiovascular or emotional problems.

In the event of any urological condition, regardless of age, it is important to consult a specialist. At ROC Clinic we have a unit for each urological subspeciality, as well as the most advanced diagnostic and therapeutic tools for our patients.

At Roc Clinic, we offer a people-oriented service; we call you.

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