Prostate Cancer


The prostate cancer is the most frequent tumour that men can suffer. Currently, it seems that we have evidence that its early detection saves lives and avoids complications. Therefore, in the prostate cancer diagnostic area at ROC Clinic we have all the latest technology: Biomarkers, Genetic tests, Transrectal biopsy, Fusion biopsy, Fusion biopsy with PET-CT, Fusion biopsy with PET-CT PSMA, 3 Tesla magnetic resonance, PET-CT, PET-CT PSMA and Skeletal Scintigraphy.


Prostate cancer has a very broad spectrum of aggressiveness, therefore we have designed individualised and customised therapies to each patient. For this reason, at ROC Clinic we have integrated the entire existing therapeutic arsenal: Active monitoring programme, Focal therapy (electroporation, HIFU, cryotherapy); Surgery (open, laparoscopic and robotic); External radiotherapy; Brachytherapy; administration of hormone therapy and systemic therapy for prostate cancer.

As in many occasions, prostate cancer treatments may leave sequelae, at ROC Clinic, we have the Andrology and Reconstructive Surgery Unit, which is a national and international benchmark.

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